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  • LR-FL


    The LR-FL is connected to a pulse contactor of a water meters. It collects the consumption of water of for example an agricultural plot, a garden, or multiple irrigated zones. All the data are sent to platform in order to calculate the volume of water consumed and MySOLEM display it on specific period or daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. MySOLEM is able to send a OFF to stop the LR-IP’s modules in case of overconsumption.


  • Irrigation station

    Irrigation station : connect all sensors and up to 150 stations with solar panels for full autonomy!

    The irrigation station is 100% autonomous, ready to use, and pre-programmed to retrieve climate, soil humidity, tensiometry, and water consumption data to optimize the irrigation of your plots. In addition, you can control the agricultural range modules (LR-AG, LR-FL, LR-MS).


  • LR-MS


    The LR-MS module is a sensor data acquisition module. Available in 2 versions : one input and 4 inputs (allow to accommodate sensors like temperature, soil moisture, anemometer but also water meters and rain sensor). platform and App will be able to stop the irrigation with the settings that you will decide (example : tresholds and stop associated modules).



    THE 3G / LoRa™ GATEWAY

    The LR-BST-AG is a 3G internet connected station, communicating in LoRa™ with more than 25 modules (all irrigation controllers, LR-FL flow meter and LR-MS sensors). Powered by AC or solar panel, the LR-BST-25 is connected to installations at every moment. A battery with 3 days autonomy (with 2 connexions /day) continue the functionning in case of power failure.

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  • BL-AG


    The BL-AG is an agricultural irrigation controller designed for professionals. It’s the perfect solution for a simple and a smart irrigation of plots. Its features are made to answer agricultural needs. Thanks to the SOLEM AG app, downloadable from the Android (GooglePlay) or Apple (AppStore) platforms, quitely program your BL-AG product (from 1 to 4 stations) simultaneously or sequentially.


  • Anenometer


    Robustly manufactured wind detector, high mechanical resistance and great flexibility capable of competing or even exceeding in quality the best plastic or metal detectors on the market. Its design allows the introduction of electronic elements inside for additional benefits. The bearings, made of stainless steel, are lubricated with instrumentation oil. The output of the ANEMO4403 V3 is a pulse output proportional to the wind speed given by a reed contact. In this way, the power supply can be reduced to just enough to detect the opening and closing of the contact, thus reducing the consumption of the equipment.The ANEMO4403 is designed in such a way that it can adapt to any system for which it is necessary to know the wind speed, for example with regard to the safety of construction cranes, greenhouses or wind turbines.


  • Soil Moisture Sensor


    The VH400 series soil moisture sensors provide precise monitoring of the soil water content. The sensor blade was designed to be as thin as possible. It can be inserted into the soil and pots with minimal perturbation to the vital root systems of your plants.


  • EC 5 Decagon/Meter group...


    The EC-5 is a basic, reliable and economical soil moisture sensor. It determines the water content volumetric (VWC) by measuring the dielectric constant of the medium using the technology of capacity. Although the measurement principles are the same as EC-10 and EC-20, the EC-5 differs in design from 2 pins and its higher measurement frequency (70 MHz) allowing it to measure VWC from 0% to 100% (where or generally, the VWC of saturated soils is between 40% and 60% depending on the type of soil). It therefore allows precise measurement of the VWC of all soils and soilless media and a wide range wider salinities. The sensor can be oriented in any direction, however, oriented the flat side of the sensor perpendicular to the ground surface will minimize the effects on downward ground movement.


  • EC 10 HS Decagon/Meter...


    The DECAGON EC10 HS humidity sensor is used to measure volumetric humidity content soils and other materials for scientific research and agricultural applications. It therefore measures the volumetric water content via the dielectric constant of the soil using the technology of the capacity. The sensor uses a frequency of 70 MHz which minimizes salinity and texture effects, which which makes it an ideal sensor for standard agricultural and scientific projects. The high resolution allows daily or hourly monitoring of water inputs into the soil.


  • SMT50 Truebner Sensor


    Designed and manufactured by TRUEBNER, the SMT 50 is a low cost FDR (Frequency Reflectometry) soil moisture sensor. Compact, Functional and Robust: The PCB-based design is economical and the shape of the blade makes installation easy. Housing and cable are watertight. The SMT50 has a wide measuring range. It is maintenance free and frost resistant. With short response times and low salinity disturbance, it is designed for long term observation.


    • New



    The rounded shaped rain gauge is compact and has a mounting location for plastic support. It has a very good finish and is equipped with a cable of about 75 cm. After each filling, the bucket empties automatically so that it can be ready to fill again. The bucket fills to about (0.4 mm) and causes a switch to temporarily close. Once wired and added to the LR-MS, the rainfall value can be reported regularly using an LR-MB or LR-BST gateway or irrigation station on the application or the MySOLEM platform.


  • SM100 Waterscout Sensor


    Maintaining a good moisture balance in the soil is essential for plant production. Plants under- watered suffer from nutrient deficiencies and wilting. Conversely, overwatered plants are more susceptible to disease pressure and less tolerant of dry conditions later in their cycle of life. Extreme overwatering will suffocate the plant and cause the roots to die. Placing at multiple depths, the SM100 is key, to help determine when and how much water.