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    THE 3G / LoRa™ GATEWAY

    The LR-BST-AG is a 3G internet connected station, communicating in LoRa™ with more than 25 modules (all irrigation controllers, LR-FL flow meter and LR-MS sensors). Powered by AC or solar panel, the LR-BST-25 is connected to installations at every moment. A battery with 3 days autonomy (with 2 connexions /day) continue the functionning in case of power failure.

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  • Irrigation station

    Irrigation station : connect all sensors and up to 150 stations with solar panels for full autonomy!

    The irrigation station is 100% autonomous, ready to use, and pre-programmed to retrieve climate, soil humidity, tensiometry, and water consumption data to optimize the irrigation of your plots. In addition, you can control the agricultural range modules (LR-AG, LR-FL, LR-MS).