EC 5 Decagon/Meter group Sensor


The EC-5 is a basic, reliable and economical soil moisture sensor. It determines the water content volumetric (VWC) by measuring the dielectric constant of the medium using the technology of capacity. Although the measurement principles are the same as EC-10 and EC-20, the EC-5 differs in design from 2 pins and its higher measurement frequency (70 MHz) allowing it to measure VWC from 0% to 100% (where or generally, the VWC of saturated soils is between 40% and 60% depending on the type of soil). It therefore allows precise measurement of the VWC of all soils and soilless media and a wide range wider salinities. The sensor can be oriented in any direction, however, oriented the flat side of the sensor perpendicular to the ground surface will minimize the effects on downward ground movement.


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