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  • Hygrometry sensor
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    Hygrometry sensor

    SONDE HM1500 LF

    The HM1500LF is a dedicated hygrometry sensor that provides a reliable and accurate measurement of air humidity. These measurements allow you to adjust the irrigation at the right time while saving water and energy.


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    The rounded shaped rain gauge is compact and has a mounting location for plastic support. It has a very good finish and is equipped with a cable of about 75 cm. After each filling, the bucket empties automatically so that it can be ready to fill again. The bucket fills to about (0.4 mm) and causes a switch to temporarily close. Once wired and added to the LR-MS, the rainfall value can be reported regularly using an LR-MB or LR-BST gateway or irrigation station on the application or the MySOLEM platform.


  • Solar panel
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    Solar panel


    The UNISUN Solar panel from UNITECK recharges the battery of the LR-BST and provides permanent power as long as the sun is present during the day. Even in cloudy weather, it continues to provide sufficient current and power for the LR-BST to work properly.


  • Irrigation station
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    Irrigation station

    Irrigation station : connect all sensors and up to 150 stations with solar panels for full autonomy!

    The irrigation station is 100% autonomous, ready to use, and pre-programmed to retrieve climate, soil humidity, tensiometry, and water consumption data to optimize the irrigation of your plots. In addition, you can control the agricultural range modules (LR-AG, LR-FL, LR-MS).